Thursday, July 24, 2014

Uni-Ball Signo RT

I Miss the Uni-Ball Signo RT - Purple/Black

I am making a plea to resurrect the Uni-Ball Signo RT in purple/black ink.  Oh, how I miss you so.  The Uni-ball Signo RT was the first pen I ever bought from JetPens.  It was also my introduction to my favorite color...super dark purple.  I still haven't figured out why I like this color so much.  I think that the subtle hint of purple within the dark lines of the ink allows me to be an individual at the office without looking like I'm using crazy colors.

I happened upon the Uni-ball Signo RT while casually browsing JetPens' gel pens.  At the time I was just beginning my use of the Chronodex planner, thank you Patrick Ng.  I wanted to color code various categories of tasks in different colors but, didn't like the thickness of the Pilot G-2.  Voila, the Uni-ball Signo RT.  It accommodated every requirement I came up with.

  • various colors
  • 0.38 mm line
  • retractable
  • inexpensive 
  • gel ink

I bought several in a variety of colors but, the purple/black was the first to run out of ink.  The barrel is a transparent color mimicking the ink.  The grip follows suit and is made of rubber, unlike the Pilot G-2 the RT's grip is smooth and almost silky to the touch.  I've never had it slip from my grip either and unlike the G-2 it has never suffered from loosing its sponginess.  

Though I am not a fan of the fact that the Uni-ball Signo RT is not very "professional" looking, I will point out that it writes like any $50.00 ballpoint I've ever held in my hand.  I have never had it skip, drip, false start or scratch.  This pen has never, and I repeat NEVER let me hang...

I must give "props" to Uni-ball, this pen is great to write with and has replaced my Pilot G-2 use.  I have also adapted the refill to my Pilot G-2 Limited pen...though I'll get into why that combo didn't last in another post.  I have been able to use the refill in various other pens that accept the G-2 refill but, haven't found the same feel at the original Uni-ball Signo RT's feel and balance. 


Shipping Weight: 0.37 oz.
Body Color: varies
Body Material Plastic
Clipable: Yes
Diameter - Grip: 9.6 mm
Diameter - Max: 10.6 mm
Grip Color: Varies
Grip Material: Rubber
Ink Characteristics: Waterproof
Length - Extended: 13.8 mm
Length - Retracted: 13.9 mm
Length - Uncapped: 13.1 mm
Mechanism: Retractable
Tip Length: 4.4 mm

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