Saturday, July 12, 2014

Searching for a Rollerball

The Uni-ball Rollerball MICRO

I have made many attempts to use this pen in the past but just never have we "clicked".  Perhaps it's that the grip is slippy or that it is a capped pen or maybe I just don't like the way my hand writing looks when I write with the pen.

Though it is made by one of my favorite pen manufacturers around, Uni-ball.  Their micro rollerball pen in black, not sure it comes in any other colors, is a pen I've used since I was in high school.  Back then it was strictly for inking artwork.  Today as I progress in my career I am looking for a more "professional" look.  So, once again I find this pen back in my bag in "test" mode.

I've already stated the grip is slippy, I constantly have to readjust my grip on the pen, which is annoying <whining>.  It is extremely light weight.  The matte black arrel and cap have that "executive" look to it.  The clip is secure but, I've never been comfortable clipping a capped pen, too risky.

I'm writing on junk paper...a Tops legal pad (recycled paper) from the office.  I wanted to test it on an average, ordinary canvas found in most corporate environments.  There is some feathering and I won't be able to use the backside of the page...

I also noticed there is an inconsistent flow.  The ink is a deep and dark and drys quickly but, I remain unimpressed.  I must continue my quest for the perfect rollerball, for me.  This Uni-ball just doesn't fit my needs.  Perhaps something a little more Retro will fit the bill...


  1. Have you tried the Uni-ball Vision Elites?

  2. Actually I have not, but thank you for helping me add this one to my list of pens to review...