Friday, July 11, 2014

Uni-ball Signo DX

Uni-ball Signo DX

I am not a big fan of capped pens, but the DX just writes so well I can't seem to part with it.  I bought one after reading a review off Pen Addict (one of my top 5 blogs).  Liking a very fine line, I went with the 0.38 mm in black to start.  Since I've got a hand-full of colors and have tired out the 0.28 mm but, have found some ink "flow" inconsistencies.


Shipping Weight: 0.30 mm
Body Color: Clear
Body Material Plastic
Clipable: Yes
Diameter - Grip: 10.3 mm
Diameter - Max: 10.3 mm
Grip Color: Black
Grip Material: Rubber
Ink Characteristics: Waterproof
Length - Capped: 13.8 mm
Length - Posted: 15.3 mm
Length - Uncapped: 13.1 mm
Mechanism: Capped
Tip Length: 4.4 mm

Tip Size:

0.38 mm

The pen rests in my hand quite comfortably.  The grip is unobtrusive and after some time of writing blends into my hand.  It is dimpled giving it a subtle texture and is not of a spongy rubber but hugs the pen tight.

The pen comes in a whole assortment of colors and tip sizes...
a link to the infamous JetPens will allow you to view the splendor...I trend towards the earthy colors but, the Lavender - Black is my absolute favorite.  It is dark enough to use at work but, the purple keeps it an individual.  I'm quirky like that.
The only think I would change about the way the pen is set up is to extend the grip down that last 1/4 inch or so to meet up with the metal tip.  

Overall, this pen goes with me everyday to work in all the colors above.  I would recommend it to anyone and the fact that it comes in a 0.5 mm is great for those who prefer a little thicker (normal) pen line.  I use it religiously in my Chronodex, a creation of Mr. Patrick Ng.  This is also my go to pen when I can not or will not carry my Lamy Safari.  

A picture of my

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