Monday, July 14, 2014

The Pilot Knight Fountain Pen

The Pilot Knight Fountain Pen


I have no idea when I first came into possession of this pen, but I do remember that is was my first and only fountain pen for a few years.  I liked the way it looked, that is was made of metal and just said to me, "I'm a professional."  I'm pretty sure I ordered it online because I bought a bunch of cartridges with it.  I this pen had been in my hands before buying it, I'd never have spent the money.  

Sorry about my penmanship...too much caffeine!!

Don't get me wrong I like the pen but, it took me a few years to warm up to it and even now I only use it in certain now.  Before I get into what turns me off about the pen, let's dive into the good points...

  • It's a very professional looking pen.
  • The clip is very secure when clipped to something, it feels spring loaded.
  • When capped it is a very solid pen.  I think if I dropped it from a few feet it would be fine.
  • And , it writes a very smooth line every time I've used it.
It's really a nice pen and for the cost is a good deal. But....I have a few issues with it...
For one this it is a heavy pen, even without the cap posted, which I couldn't imagine  anyone writing that way.  it also only comes in a medium nib.  It writes very smooth like I said.  It's just a lot thicker than what I prefer.  The cartridges dry out quickly.  And, did I mention it is a heavy pen?  Being made of metal though makes it durable and, like I stated, looks professional.
It really upset me that it was so heavy and for a long time I just let it sit in a drawer.  I'd ink it up every once in a while write a letter or in my journal, only to clean it out and put it back in the drawer because I didn't like how it weighed down my hand and tired my grip out.  It was a constant battle between writing and cramping.  
Finally, I hung up my fountain pen desires and wrote solely with gel pens.  I prefer the thickness, the smoothness of the lines and I can write for hours.  
It wasn't until the I was influenced back to the world of fountain pens by the dynamic duo, Mr. Brad Dowdy, THE Pen Addict and Mr. Myke Hurley, the silky British voice of many of my favorite podcasts.  It was after a couple podcasts in which they discussed fountain pens I decided to give them a try once more.  

Since then I have used a fountain pen daily, mainly for journaling.  In a future post I'll review the pen that hooked me to fountain pens but, for now I'll say this.  I've come to learn how to write with the Pilot Knight and use it at work when taking meeting notes.

I absolutely love the blue-black cartridges.  They are a deep dark, 'don't go in the water' blue.  And like I said the pen lays a really smooth like.  Overall I've learned to roll with the weight and not fight's an elegant dance much like aikido.  I used its force against itself to write.

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