Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Uni-ball Signo 207

Uni-ball Signo 207 (0.38mm)


Shipping Weight:                          0.35 oz
Body Color:                                  Black
Body Material:                             Plastic
Clippable:                                    Yes
Diameter - Grip:                          11.4 mm
Diameter - Max:                          11.5 mm
Grip Color:                               Black
Grip Material:                              Rubber
Ink Characteristics:                     Water-Resistant, Archival Quality
Length - Extended / Retracted:   14.2 cm / 14.0 cm
Mechanism:                                 Retractable
Tip Length:                                  4.5 mm
Tip Size:                                       0.38 mm

I have no idea when or where I first started to use this pen.  I was a few years back and was only a 0.7 mm tip size which is why it never stuck.  I prefer the finer line of a 0.38 mm pen.  That being said I came across Uni-ball’s Ultra Micro version of the 207 in my pen stash and started to use it at work…I ended up liking it better than the tried and true Pilot G-2. 

It was the ink and smoothness of writing that turned the tide.  I’ve had issues with the G-2’s consistency when writing.  The 0.38 mm pens sometimes have issues with maintaining a solid when writing.  The 207 has never skipped a beat.  The lines are consistent, there is no worry about the pen not working and it is a solid disposable pen.

I have written for a few hours without fatigue and prefer the rubber “nubs” to other similar pens and though i’m not much of a conformist in life i do prefer the unique grip Uni-ball has on their 207’s.  The picture below shows the nubs give way to a smooth peak that allows the writer’s index finger to rest upon.  For some reason I thought I’d hate this aspect of the pen but, after some use have come to really prefer it.

Extended the pen looks as if it could be used as a weapon as sharp a point as it has yet, writes without the scratchiness of some micro-tipped pens.

The pen looks a bit more professional with the smokey barrel even though it is made of plastic.  The clip is secure, sometimes a bit too secure.  I’ve had difficulty clipping the 207’s onto my shirts at times though I’d rather it be snug than lose a pen.  

If Uni-ball ever starts producing these with their violet-black ink that is used in the Signo DX pens…I’ll end up buying a couple dozen just to make sure I never run out…

Overall, like I said this is my everyday carry pen at work and when I’m out and about.  It is a reliable disposable that has never failed me.  

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  1. You can take the 0.38mm refill out of this body and install it in a Uni-Ball Premier 207... I did ant it's the best pen I've ever had.